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Australian Cities amongst World's Best Places to Live in

So what makes Australia one of the most desired destinations for a better life and a better career then? And how is Australia different compared to other big cities in the world? (Cost of Living in Australia)

Australia’s lifestyle attracts people from all over the world. The country’s quality of life (ranked 7th in the world) was judged one of the best in the Asia-Pacific region by the 2008 World Competitiveness Yearbook.

Sydney (10th), Melbourne (18th), Perth (21st), Adelaide (30th) and Brisbane (34th), the five Australia’s mainland capital cities have been placed among the top 35 cities in the world in which to live, which ranked them ahead of London, Milan, Tokyo and New York . (The Quality of Living Survey 2009 from Mercer Human Resource Consulting)

Australia’s human development index 2008 (HDI) is the fourth best in the world, behind only Norway, Ireland and Canada. Australia’s life expectancy (79 years for men, 84 years for women) has been judged one of the highest in the world.

Comparison List of Major Australian Cities: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney:








1.1 million

1.8 million

3.8 million

1.5 million

4.3 million

Born Overseas







Hot, dry summers. Mild, wet winters

Hot, wet summers. Warm, dry winters

Hot, changeable summers. Cool unsettled winters

Hot, dry summers. Mild, wet winters

Hot summers. Mild winters. Driest in spring

Median House Price December 2008






Unit Price
December 2008






Best city for:


Personal well-being, standard of living, safety, environment, social conditions, government, business.

Personal relationships

Mid Summer Sunrise / set

5.59 am / 8.29 pm

4.50 am / 6.43 pm

5.55 am / 8.41 pm

5.07 am / 7.21 pm

5.41 am / 8.06 pm

Mid Winter Sunrise / set

8.24 am / 6.12 pm

6.38 am / 5.02 pm

8.36 am / 6.09 pm

7.16 am / 5.20 pm

8.00 am / 5.53 pm

Traditional Industries

Agri-food products / services, Cars, Insurance/financial services

Agri-food products / services, Tourism, Transportation services

Agri-food products / services, Automotive, Insurance / financial services

Mineral and Petroleum products, education, health

Commercial / business services, Health / education, Insurance / financial services

Emerging Industries

Business convention services, Health / education, ICT

Aerospace, Biotechnology, Engineering / environmental technologies

Biotechnology, Engineering / environmental technologies, ICT

Biotechnology, Engineering / environmental technologies, ICT

Biotechnology, ICT, Life sciences

Major private sector employers

Holden (Automotive)
Arnott's Biscuits (Agri-food products services)
Sola Optical (Instruments / precision manufacturing)

Bechtel (Engineering
/ environmental)
Boeing (Aerospace)
Virgin Airlines (Transportation services)

CEA Technologies (Defence equipment / services)
Phenomix Corp. (Biotechnology)
TransACT & Tower Software (ICT)

Ford/Toyota (Automotive)
Foster's Group Limited (Agri-food products / services)
National Australia Bank (Insurance / financial services)

You can easily tell from the table above that Australia has opportunities across board in almost all business sectors. Each city of Australia has a different demand for skills, so recognize yours and live life the Australian way! (Australian Skills in Demand)

Source: Livingin-australia

Australia Jobs

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